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Enclosed (complete description of inventory)

The tenant cannot hold the owners responsible for any ignorance on his part of the contractual obligations arising from this rental agreement. This ’guest houses’ rental agreement will be legally valid provided the following two conditions are met:

1. The tenant has signed and dated one copy of the rental agreement (+ enclosed ’inventory of contents’).

2. The tenant has paid the owners in advance either for the booking deposit or for the total rent and guarantee deposit.

This rental agreement is not legally valid under any circumstances if the copy of the rental agreement signed and dated by the tenant has not been returned to the owners and in case of non-compliance with the terms of payment.

The rental agreement that has been concluded applies to the tenant in person. Assignment of tenancy and/or subletting, even temporarily and/or free of charge, are prohibited. Any infringement will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement, in which case the landlords shall retain the rent and all rights.

The above-mentioned rental period is binding: the date and time of arrival and the date and time of departure must be respected. The rental charge is payable in full for each rental period even if the tenant arrives later and/or departs earlier (shorter stay), regardless of the reason or cause, notwithstanding the liability of the owners.

An extended stay is only permitted with written permission from the owners, who reserve the right to charge a corresponding supplement for such an extended stay in accordance with the seasonal rental charge for that period.

The tenant undertakes to leave the guest house at the latest on see customer booking details by 10:30h. If the tenant has not left the guest house at that time and refuses to do so, he may be evicted by simple police order, enforceable immediately and notwithstanding any objection by the tenant.

The tenant shall also be obliged to pay the owner a penalty rental charge for ’unlawful occupation’ equal to double the rental charge corresponding to the rental for the unlawful stay during the period(s) in question, whereby the minimum shall be the rental charge for a stay of one (or each) day and/or one (or each) night. The tenant shall present the rental agreement on request. (The keys must be returned immediately after the stay by placing them in the house letter box.) If the tenant does not return the keys, the tenant shall be charged the sum of 50 euro for the cost of duplicating them.

The guest house has been designed, equipped and is offered for occupation by a maximum of 6 persons. In addition no more than 2 children aged under 3 years may be accommodated and in that case the tenant shall be responsible for all necessary beds and bedding.

Pets are not allowed in the apartment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere indoors and is strictly forbidden for reasons of public safety. (Connected smoke alarms are installed).

The tenant cannot, under any circumstances, hold the owners responsible for any interruption of service in relation to water, electricity or television distribution.

The owners provide for rental by the tenant a house which is in good condition and functionally suitable for occupation in accordance with its description, which has been produced in good faith. (See also the enclosed inventory of contents).

The tenant shall submit every complaint to the owners as soon as possible and in any case no later than 24 hours after the rental period begins at o’clock, and shall report any problem as soon as possible. Failing this it is assumed that the guest house is in good condition. Defects in the guest house and/or appliances shall be remedied by the owners or others appointed by them, to the best of their ability and within the shortest possible time, but can never give rise to unilateral termination of the rental agreement by the tenant, nor to compensation of any kind.

The tenant undertakes to use and keep the guest house that has been provided to him for rental clean and in good condition as ’a prudent administrator’  and also to return it at the end of the rental agreement in the condition in which he received it. Since this rental agreement concerns a ’guest house’ and not a ’home for permanent occupation’, the tenant is seen as a guest, and must not, under any circumstances, engage in any action that would not be expected of a guest, such as making any alteration and/or change to the guest house, contents, appliances, utilities, plants etc, nor entering into any contract, purchase or the like whereby the address of the guest house is given as his address.

The tenant shall not, under any circumstances, discharge (liquids or other) substances into drains, gutters, sinks, baths, WC’s etc. that are harmful to stainless steel or enamel, cause blockages or interfere with the proper functioning of the sewage system and treatment tanks: this includes, without limitation, bleach, products that may coagulate, sanitary towels, tampons, etc in general: if you would not do it at home, do not do it here …

All direct and indirect damage caused to the guest house or contents and not attributable to or resulting from normal use thereof will be reclaimed from the tenant. In any case where it is related to behaviour attributable to him, the tenant is liable for damage caused by fire. This means that the tenant must be insured against fire. This risk is usually covered by the fire insurance policy taken out with the company insuring the tenant’s own home against fire. The owner is also insured for damage caused by third parties and a fire insurance policy.

The tenant must keep the guest house clean and tidy during his stay. To ensure that final cleaning by those responsible for this can take place unhindered, the tenant shall return the holiday home on departure tidied and swept clean. Crockery and cutlery must be washed up and put away when the tenant departs.

The owners do not accept any liability – in the broadest sense – for loss, items left behind (sending by courier or post of items that have been forgotten will only take place if a payment is made to cover the cost of packaging and sending the item and including a charge to cover the sender’s time and travel costs), theft, damage, injury or accident incurred or suffered by or caused to the tenant, third parties, animals and/or goods during or as a result of the stay in the guest house.


Notification of cancellation must be given by registered letter and the post office stamp shall count as the cancellation date.

1. The cancellation charge is equal to 150 euro if cancellation takes place more than 28 calendar days before arrival.

 2. The cancellation charge is equal to the rental charge if cancellation takes place 7 calendar days or less before arrival.

3. In case of cancellation by the owners:

3.1. Special case: in the event that force majeure or sale of the real estate property prevents the owners of the guest house from making their property available to the tenants, the owner reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement and reimburse the tenant for all amounts paid, whereby the tenant shall not be entitled to receive any compensation whatsoever.

 3.2. In all other cases the owners shall reimburse the tenant for all amounts paid plus a payment corresponding to the payment that would be due if the tenant had cancelled on the same date, whereby the tenant shall not be entitled to receive any compensation whatsoever.

The owners specifically reserve the right to access the property at short notice to carry out urgent repairs or have them carried out by another party appointed for that purpose. Maintenance works are also permitted insofar as these are compulsory in order to maintain basic standards for the proper functioning of equipment such as; hygiene controls for the jacuzzi to guarantee safety and good water quality.

Costs not included in the rental charge and mentioned as such in the rental agreement may be deducted from the guarantee deposit, as may costs resulting from all stipulations set out in the standard terms and conditions in relation (without limitation) to damage due to unlawful use of the equipment, theft etc.

The balance of the guarantee deposit shall be returned to the tenant’s account no later than 14 days after leaving the accommodation. This reimbursement date may be delayed if the amount of costs and/or damages is unknown or if the cost of remedying the damage remains to be estimated.

If the stipulated guarantee deposit is not sufficient, all costs not covered by the guarantee deposit shall be paid by the tenant no later than 2 weeks after expiry of the rental agreement.

This rental agreement shall be governed by Belgian law. The contracting parties state that, in the event of any dispute, the courts [rechtbanken] of the legal district of Bruges and Ghent shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The tenants hereby declare that they agree with the standard terms and conditions as set out above.

A duplicate copy with a complete inventory of contents will be available for perusal on arrival. Any discrepancy in relation to the inventory of contents must be reported no later than 12 hours after arrival. A telephone and the number for reporting such problems is available in the guest house.

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